Frequently Asked Questions: Airit General Questions

What is Airit?
Its a chat app where people can communicate with each other.

What devices does Airit work on?
Android, IOS, Web.

How do I get started with Airit?
Start using Airit today by downloading the app. After you’ve done that, register with your social media id and start using the app. Learn more about what you need to do to set up Airit on our support site.

How do I get started with Airit?
Airit is a messaging system. It has social media login (Facebook, Twitter and Google plus).
1) User can create group :-

a) User can create group.
b) User can add up to 1 lakh group members.
c) In Airit people can create 2 different kind of group i.e. Private and Public.
d) In Private group admin and editor can post the contents, and admin has the rights to add user as editor and subscriber.
e) Editor can post content and Subscriber will get all the updates which posted by Admin and Editor and group member can send a request to Admin to become an Editor.
f) in public group subscriber can send a request from mobile contacts to download the application and become a group member.

2) Private group :- Private groups will not be visible on trending groups and they are not searchable. Pri-vate group can be subscribed only via invitation link.
3) Public group :- Public group will be visible on trending groups and they are searchable.
4) User can attach Image, Video, PDF, GIF, Audio, Event, Location, Poll, Contact.

A) Image :- User can share pictures.
B) Video :- User can share video.
C) PDF :- User can attach PDF file.
D) GIF :- User can send GIF.
E) Audio :- User can share Audio, Music file etc.
F) Event :- Use of the feature you can send information about any event to the people. Post news massages or calendar events VIA APP (IOS, android) or via Website. Add events to your personal agenda with only one click.
G) Location :- User can send the current location. Add attachments and geo location (linked to google maps) to a massage and event.
H) Poll :- This feature help you in various way like:- Quickly gather anonymous feedback with regular Q & a sessions. And also its help you to instant feedback, voting, rating ect. from the 1 lakh group members. (ask for predefined standardized feedback via option button).
I) Contact :- User can share the contact number.

How is it different from other apps?
Airit gives you the experience of fastest messaging. It is packed with incredible features creating events & polls, finding new friends with ‘Around Me’, Group chat with 1 lakh members, sharing and many more which made it unique from all other chat applications.

How Airit helps to corporate and normal users?
Airit wants to contribute to a better communication within associations, organizations, companies, schools, communities or just a group of people. Our focus is mainly on the one-way communication from the board towards their members, employees, clients, family, friends and supporters without having to receive hundreds of possible reactions on it. Airit offers a free mobile communication platform that associations can use to send official communica-tion towards members/followers. Therefore all members need to install the Airit app and from then on, the association can broadcast all its messaging via the Airit platform. The user can also use this same app to receive communications from other associations, companies, schools, shops, Airit platform is very user friendly and intuitive. With Airit, taking the digital step becomes human. Follow multiple organization, association, companies, schools…… from the same app.

How do I invite more friends?
Once you click on contact person name you will get various option to Invite people. Like ( Free Sms, WhatsApp and many social media sites).

How can I block massages from people who are not my Friends?
In settings > Account there is option to block the user.

How secure is Airit?
Airit is highly secure, No one can search your private group which helps you keep your group safe. on top of that no one can hack your account.

How Airit helps to corporate?
With the help of private group yon can keep your data safe as no one can search the group. you can post the promotion & communicate with people, Best part you can use the events and poll.

Why should I trust Airit?
You’ll get best security and privacy with Airit.

Can Airit protect me against everything?
Yes. Your data and activities; everything is secure.

List of supported operators for recharge?
All the network.