There are many apps on the market for casual chatting purposes amongst a small group of friends and family, but for Large and Private organisations, Government, NGOs, Schools and Online communities, a larger group size could come in useful.

Mi Airit – India’s Free Local Chat App For Better Mass Communication

Indian Chat App, Mi Airit provides the user with a blend of social media interaction and chat app with a view of making mass communication and obtaining feedback easier than ever for Schools

Problems faced by Businesses/ Schools/ Individuals while communicating on chat apps

The world is growing into digital space. India is nowhere to stay behind in showing its digital presence all over the world. There is no harm to say that chat applications and social media platforms made a drastic impact on our lives..

How Mi Airit Chat App help Schools

Mainly all schools urge to maintain personal interaction with parents at the highest potential. Nevertheless, this is not possible for the schools to keep a one on one meeting with the parents on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. 

Best Indian Free Local Chat App- Mi Airit With Public Groups

What are Public Groups? A place where like-minded people who share similar interests and hobbies to interact and share their views. Anyone can see the group’s name, the number of subscribers, and posts. 

Event Reminder- Mi Airit- India’s Free Chat App

No matter how well one sets up a calendar, we are ought to forget one or the other thing to do. To avoid this we need a reliable way of reminding yourself to do them.

Scheduled Messages- Mi Airit- India’s free Chat App

No more waiting to send a message on a particular date and time. Users can schedule messages beforehand, and have it delivered on the desired date and time. For example, to wish on Birthdays, Anniversaries and Festivals. 

Introducing Mi Airit Chat App’s – Public Profiles

In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working to improve our app for our users. We are excitedly announcing the release of our new feature ‘Public Profiles’. Public Profiles are visible and searchable to all. 

Mi Airit Chat App’s Private Groups

Now communicate privately with your relatives, siblings, co-workers and share your valuable moments or connect with your customers to grow your business with the Mi Airit Private Groups. 

Mi Airit Web- India’s free Chat App

Enjoy Airit chat from your desktops from now on. The Mi Airit chat app gives its users the ability to read and send messages directly from their web browsers. Communicate with your relatives, siblings, co-workers anytime 

One-Way Communication- Mi Airit- India’s Free Chat App

Mi Airit app gives an option of one-way communication in both public and private groups to its users. So that you receive no unwanted messages in the group and your message is received by every group member without any interruption. 

10 Things To Do In Lockdown with Mi Airit- India’s Free Chat App

So you’re in lockdown. You are tired of Netflixing, gossiping with your family, making post- quarantine plans, playing indoor games and now thinking about what to do next. Don’t fret, there are still plenty of free things to do with Mi Airit- the next generation Indian chat app.

Mi Airit Forms

In this digital world, reduce paperwork with Mi Airit e-forms. Mi Airit allows you to create forms and share them with the people you want. The forms can be created in different types whether it be a registration form or an application form or a feedback form, as per the requirement.

Mi Airit’s Photo Collage

 Whether you’re working on a project, making a postcard from a recent trip, creating a family photo album, making a festival card, celebrating birthdays of your friends or farewell of your colleague, or simply want to say “thank you”, you can make the perfect picture collage with just a few taps.

Non-Airit Chat- Mi Airit- India’s Free Chat App

During communication, some people may lag from using such tools and apps, due to various reasons such as device incompatibility or retarded software. To overcome these problems, the Mi Airit chat application has come up with its yet another unique feature- Non-airit chat.