No matter how well one sets up a calendar, we are ought to forget one or the other thing to do. To avoid this we need a reliable way of reminding yourself to do them.

The Bharat Messenger Mi Airit- India’s free chat app, tries to solve this in the most convenient way on our smartphones via our unique feature- Event Reminder.

In most of the local chat apps, there is no reminder mechanism for the users if they want to give a reminder about an event to the group members. The meetings that happen in the organizations now, are notified to the employees through text messages. But it could be more professional and beneficial if all the employees get a reminder about the official meetings or events on their phones on a single platform.

The Bharat Messenger Mi Airit’s Event Reminder feature helps Group Admins and Editors to schedule event reminders in the group for important meetings, functions, official events, and deadlines, etc. The reminders are automatically delivered to each member in the group and are notified on the day of the event, with a message in the app. 

Bharat Messenger Mi Airit is an India’s free local chat app that provides a wide range of unique features along with Event Reminder features. This particular event reminder feature is best for Individuals who maintain discipline regarding the remembrance of upcoming important dates and events along with local businesses, large organisations, schools that aim to provide a systematic communication from their end.

Bharat Messenger Mi Airit- A free Indian local chat app is available for download on Google Play Store, App Store, and Web App.

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