There’s a significant shift in the methods used by educational institutions to impart knowledge to the students. Technology is one of the most important aspects of it. The use of handouts and circulars is a thing of the past, similarly, mass communication is an integral part of the educational world – for announcements, notices, exams, etc via technological means :

  • This is where our Indian Local app, Bharat Messenger Mi Airit steps in! For the first time, add up to 1 Million Users in a single group chat with optional one way communication to avoid any important message getting overshadowed in the group chats. Teachers can make separate groups for each class or division for daily updates on attendance, assignments or notes. Mass communication from the Principal to the Parents is now simpler than ever!
  • Bharat Messenger Mi Airit’s feature, Event Reminder is a perfect fit to set reminders regarding upcoming tests, assignments, meetings, functions, etc for schools. The alarm feature helps to notify Parents of the upcoming events if they wish to set an alarm for it. Furthermore, helping in reducing paper waste for such notices and working towards a sustainable environment as a whole.
  • Replace hard copy study material by sharing notes and exam importance via Documents in the group and digitalsing the process with Bharat Messenger Mi Airit- Indian chat app.
  • To reach a consensus, our Opinion Polls feature helps in generating instant automatic responses. Student council voting, Parents Teachers Association meetings, are a few to name. Its accuracy, instant feedback, and ease of processing helps in saving time.
  • Physical forms are a thing of the past! Bharat Messenger Mi-Airit forms are here to replace the paper forms to avoid the tedious job and eating up the shelf space. With the use of Mi-Airit forms, now there’s no need to maintain email ids to send across the forms. Simply make a form and post it in the group and get instant reverts requiring no physical storage.

For example, Student registrations for activities, Leave application, Feedback forms, etc. The forms can be easily stored in computers/smart devices or shared via emails with Parents.

  • With the help of our Data encryption, Teachers and Parents’ contact details such as the number, name, and display picture are hidden from the other users except the admin. This helps in avoiding informal communication between the group members.
  • Thi Indian Local apps location feature helps with updating the Parents from time to time during heavy rains, school trips, school events etc. For example, the school buses are running late, the teachers can update the location instantly with all the parents through the location feature. If students are travelling to an event from school, teachers can share the event destination.
  • Share the cherished school trip memories and videos directly from your gallery or informative videos and presentations with the Parents using your own Indian Local app.
  • Non Airit Chat: Unlike Telegram and Whatsapp, you can now chat with Non-Mi Airit users via an invitation link which redirects the non-user to the browser with an option to download. With this feature, it is easier to integrate our app in the daily hustle-and-bustle of schools!
  • It’s now easier than ever for parents to join the groups! Introducing QR code- Parents can now scan the QR code from the notice boards or from the standees displayed during meetings and annual events to join the class group. Similarly,  easily create your own group’s QR code using the Bharat Messenger Mi Airit chat app.
  • Schedule Messages: Teachers can schedule the weekly assignments beforehand via our Schedule Messages feature and have it posted weekly on their desired date and time.
  • Ease of accessibility: Helps Parents and Teachers to access the group with a simple internet connection from anywhere around the world. This helps avoid logging in and out of the software again and again. During emergency situations Teachers or Parents can notify instantly on the group with basic internet connectivity from anywhere around the globe.

The Bharat Messenger Mi-Airit app is free to download and takes up as little as 22MB of space on your smart device.

Bharat Messenger Mi Airit free Indian local chat app is available for download on Google Play Store, App Store, and Web App.

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