How Mi Airit help the corporates?

How Mi Airit help the corporates?

MI Airit

Mi Airit app is developed for businesses, organisations, schools, institutes, NGO’s, influencers, as well as for a person. The app comes up with incredible features, better user experience, and unique solutions for easier and smoother communication. 

Along with basic features such as Text, Image, Video, Audio, Document, Contact, Location, and Chat lock Mi Airit also offers the following features beneficial to the Corporates: 

  1. Public Group: Anybody and everybody can join the group. Multiple groups can be followed based on the users’ likings. 
  2. Million size: Add up to 1 million members in a single group which makes mass communication easier than ever.
  3. Optional One-way communication: Only the group admins and the assigned editor can send messages in the group which helps in avoiding unwanted responses in the group.
  4. Privacy: With end to end encryption the admin has an option to hide the group members contact details.
  5. Message History: Newly added members can see up to the last 6 months of messages in the group. 
  6. Mi Airit Forms: Instantly collect and organise information from the group members. Evaluate who has and who has not filled the form from the group.
  7. Non-Airit Chat: Chat with users not using the Mi Airit app by sending them a link which redirects them to a chat window in the web browser.
  8. Schedule messages: Send messages in the group at a specific Date and Time.
  9. Opinion Polls: Quickly gather organized opinion from the group members and collect the results in percentages.
  10. Latest Updates: Public groups on Stocks, Share Markets and Economy provide timely updated fetched via RSS feed.
  11. Mi Airit Web: Use the Mi Airit chat on the web by entering your mobile number and logging in via the generated OTP.
  12. Event Reminders: All the group members are individually notified before the event instigating them to attend it.

Thus, with these host of amazing features, corporates can simplify the day to day communication in the office hierarchy with the help of Mi Airit.

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