How to use the Mi Airit App?

How to use Mi Airit app

Getting started with Mi Airit chat app.

Mi Airit, the next-generation chat application- helping users in better and easier communication. With over a half a million users, the app with its incredible unique features provides a bounty of uses for our users.

Million member group size

You can create your public and private groups with a limit to add up to 1 million group members in a single group. 

Helping the corporates

Create public or private groups as per the requirement. If you have a manufacturing business or you are a property broker, a public group will benefit you the most. You can post the details of your products and services on an everyday basis so that your subscribers get timely updates about every activity of your business. 

Whereas, If you want to notify your employees about the company’s official news, meetings, insights, etc, in this case, a private group consisting of hundreds of employees will be beneficial.

Optional one-way communication

The App provides an option of one- way communication so that the important messages or posts do not get overshadowed by unwanted messages in the group. 

Introducing public profiles

Users who are professionals in various backgrounds such as IT, chartered accounting, hospitality, banking and insurance expert, etc, making your public profiles, help you in growing your professionalism.

A Public profile comprises your professional information, which gives a next level advantage to your personal and professional growth. 

Premium Feature

The premium feature is a paid feature which boosts your public group and profile to the top 10 of the ‘featured’ list and will make your public group and profile visible to all in the top. This will help users to get more subscribers to the group eventually getting more viewers and leads to the business. 

Easily join a group

The groups can be joined by scanning a QR code within a short time. Users can make standee of their group’s QR code or share it via social media sites that include- WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, telegram, normal text message, We Chat, etc.

User Privacy

The messages sent in the group are end to end encrypted with 128 Bit Encryption which provides a fully secure and encrypted chat platform for all the users. The contact details of the group members are not seen to other members. Thereby maintaining the privacy of each member.