…because every picture tells a story!

You click pictures and share the media files through different apps like Whatsapp, telegram or hike. Or, you click pictures and create a single collage of all the pictures using any collage app and then share the media files. Photo collages look interesting and are a great way to share your photos with your family, friends, cousins and colleagues.

Whether you’re working on a project, making a postcard from a recent trip, creating a family photo album, making a festival card, celebrating birthdays of your friends or farewell of your colleague, or simply want to say “thank you”, you can make the perfect picture collage with just a few taps.

Keeping various apps in your phone for creating photo collages, consumes a lot of device storage space, also annihilates time for creating and sharing the picture collage you made. The Bharat Messenger Mi Airit- An Indian free local chat app makes it simpler and systematic to create your own customised picture collage and share it with everybody.

The photo collage is yet another unique feature in this free local app. It is an exciting tool to boost your creativity levels. Show your creativity or just put all the photos into one fine picture. Create a collage by choosing multiple pictures, then choose an attractive background colour, and your picture collage is ready to share. You can create and share your customised picture collages into groups or a normal person to person chat, everything in one platform.

Hopefully, the Bharat Messenger Mi Airit’s Photo Collage feature simplifies your work and saves your time. Also, plunge your mind to a creative extent.

Bharat Messenger Mi Airit- A free Indian local chat app is available for download on Google Play Store, App Store, and Web App.

To download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.airit&hl=en

Mi Airit- Made In INDIA