Indian Local Chat App, Bharat Messenger Mi Airit provides the user with a blend of social media interaction and a local chat app with a view of making mass communication and obtaining feedback easier than ever for local Businesses, Schools, Government Sector, Large Organisation, Public Organisation, as well as Individuals.

Apart from the basic features like sharing of Text, Images, Videos, Audios, Documents, Contacts, and Location provided by Whatsapp, Hike, Telegram and JioChat, experience smoother and better communication with Bharat Messenger Mi Airit, the next-generation Indian chat app, through its incredible features like:

Large Group Size: Multiple groups are created for a single cause. Now, there is no need to scroll down and search for different groups. Bharat Messenger Mi Airit Chat App provides effective communication by adding up to 1 million people in a single group. One app for multiple purposes and everything you want in one place.

Public Group: Public groups are visible to all and can be easily searched and joined by everyone as per their interests. Users can connect with like-minded people through a single click by subscribing to a Public group.

Private Group: To have a different experience, the user can create a private group as well. A private group is not visible to anyone and can only be subscribed by an invitation link after the admin’s approval. Users can also convert groups from private to public and vice versa.

Public Profiles: Individual Public Profiles are visible and searchable to all. Refine your search and expand your network by using our filters based on industry, location, and gender. Create public profiles using this secure Indian messenger app  to interact, connect and communicate with professional people and grow your business. It helps connect with professionals such as Doctors, CA’s, Architects, Designers, etc.

One-Way Communication: Now a person can create a group and start an optional one-way or two-way communication without getting any unwanted responses in the group. In One-way Communication, only admins and assigned editors can send messages in the group. Beneficial for Schools, Government sectors, Large Organisations, and Public Organisations.

User Privacy: This Indian app, Bharat Messenger Mi Airit is secured in all ways. To maintain user privacy, you can hide the contact details of all the members in the group.

Data Encryption: Messages shared are end-to-end encrypted with 128 Bit Encryption which provides a fully secure and encrypted chat platform for all the users.

Opinion Polls: Admins can create polls and gather instant and accurate organised opinions from the group members. This efficient mode of gathering information helps in making quick decisions based on the automatic responses generated in the app.       

Mi Airit E-forms: In this digital world, reduce paperwork with Bharat Messenger Mi Airit forms that allows you to collect information easily and efficiently by creating surveys and forms in a few minutes to post it in the group. The admin is notified about how many members from the group have filled the form or not. These forms can be easily saved, and shared via Emails as well as printed out.

Event Reminders: Group Admins and Editors can schedule event reminders in the group for important meetings, functions, and deadlines. The reminders are automatically delivered to each member in the group on the day of the event, as a message.

Schedule Messages: No more waiting to send a message on a particular date and time. Users can schedule messages beforehand, and have it delivered on the desired pre-scheduled date and time. For example, to wish on Birthdays, Anniversaries and Festivals.

QR Code: Invite new members by sharing the group’s QR code to subscribe to the group. Share via email or make a standee of your QR code for notice boards/ events etc for members to scan and join a group easily. The Bharat Messenger Mi Airit’s QR Code scanner helps scan various in-app groups and other QR Codes for payment purposes.

Message Archive: When a contact is added to a group, the last 6 months’ messages in the group will be automatically shown to the newly added member. The hassle of rewriting messages, sharing pictures, videos, etc  in the group is eliminated.  

Non-Mi Airit chats: If someone is not using the Bharat Messenger Mi Airit app, you can still have a conversation with them, for FREE. The non-user will get SMS through a link on their phone, which will redirect them to a Web browser for chatting.

Live Web Chat Plugin: Configure a live web chat window on your business website using this Indian Local app and get all your business sales and customer enquiries on your website 24/7. This increases the professionalism of the business and boosts sales as well as improves the customer grievance support.

Web Chat: Along with mobile phones, use the Bharat Messenger Mi Airit Web Chat on your desktops/Pcs. To start using the Airit Web Chat feature, log in with your mobile number on the website and enter the OTP generated on your smartphone.

Photo Collage and Paint: With the help of Photo collage and Paint, make your chats creative and interactive and improve your user engagement.

Live Updates via RSS Feed: Get timely updates in your  Public Group fetched directly via RSS Feed as per your interests. Eg. Daily News like dailyhunt, Share Market, Bollywood News, Jobs in India, Travel and Tourism, Financial News Updates etc.

Chat Lock: The Local Indian Chat App Bharat Messenger Mi Airit provides features to secure individual chats with a pin using our in-app Chat Lock feature.  

Bharat Messenger Mi Airit free Indian Local chat app is available for download on Google Play Store, App Store, and Web.

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