Enjoy Bharat Messenger Airit chat from your desktops from now on.

The Bharat Messenger Mi Airit- India’s free local chat app gives its users the ability to read and send messages directly from their web browsers. Communicate with your relatives, siblings, co-workers anytime and anywhere, whether it is your mobile device, laptop or home or work desktop by accessing the Airit web.

Web browsers cogitate about your chats and messages from your mobile device – which means all your messages are still running on your mobile. Be it personal chat or group chat, you can access the Bharat Messenger Mi Airit web regardless of the device you use, whether you use an Android device or an iOS device.

How to use Bharat Messenger Mi Airit Web on PC/DESKTOP

  1. The users simply need to open Chrome and navigate to https://web.airitapp.com/
  2. Sign in by entering your mobile number
  3. Input the one-time verification code

And you are ready to use the Bharat Messenger Mi Airit web. Access the Airit Web from anywhere, be it home or workspace, be it mobile, laptop or desktop, as per your requirement.

We hope that the Airit web comes to use in your everyday life, be it for personal use or for your local business or your large organisations.

Bharat Messenger Mi Airit- A free Indian local chat app is available for download on Google Play Store, App Store, and Web App.

To download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.airit&hl=en

Mi Airit- Proudly Made In INDIA