On an everyday basis, loads of messages are exchanged, which creates chances of missing important messages in the bulk. While communicating in chat apps, we all must have experienced this, sometimes the messages we send in a group go unnoticed due to the messages from the other group members.

One-way communication flows from a sender to a receiver, but nothing goes back in return. The sender can use one-way communication to inform, entertain, persuade or command the audience. Few examples of one-way communication include television, radio, writings, speeches and performances. Some chat apps have adapted the feature of one-way communication like Telegram and WhatsApp.

Bharat Messenger Mi Airit, the Indian free local chat app gives an option of one-way communication in both public groups and private groups to its users. So that you receive no unwanted messages in the group and your message is received by every group member without any interruption.

Just like, when a school creates a group for sending important notices, PTA meeting timings, annual functions details to the parents, the parents in the group might reply or send irrelevant messages in the group. The important context sent by the school may get overshadowed by such messages and go unnoticed by some group members. Thus, to overcome this problem, Bharat Messenger Mi Airit chat app gives an option of one-way communication, where only the group’s admin can send messages in the group.

Role of Admin:

In a group, where one-way communication is made available, only the group admin has the right to send text messages, images, documents, event reminders, schedule a message, opinion polls, forms etc. Whereas, the admin can assign one or multiple group members as an editor(s), to send messages on behalf of the admin. However, the rights to add or remove group members remain with the group admin.

We hope you make the most use of this Indian local app’s feature in your local business or large organisations and give your audience what they actually need by sending the appropriate information to the other end and not to incorporate it with the unrelated data that come up in a group.

Bharat Messenger Mi Airit- A free Indian local chat app is available for download on Google Play Store, App Store, and Web App.

To download : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.airit&hl=en

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