The world is growing into a digital space. India is nowhere to stay behind in showing its digital presence all over the world. There is no harm to say that chat applications like Whatsapp, Hike, JioChat, Telegram and social media platforms like Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram made a drastic impact on our lives, which radically changed the way we initiate and preserve our relationships. Thus, it was fair for us to make a revolution on the digital platform through our own Indian Local communication chat app- Bharat Messenger Mi Airit app.

Bharat Messenger Mi Airit  app is developed for Local businesses, organisations, schools, institutes, NGO’s, influencers, as well as for an individual person. The app comes up with incredible features, better user experience, and unique solutions for easier and smoother communication.

Let us all first see what problems we go through, while using chat apps. Given below are some present situations we face while communicating with people.

  • Group Size Restriction. No tools to reach a large number of people.
  • Only Private Groups.
  • Unwanted responses from the group members
  • No user privacy, as group members can see each other’s mobile numbers in the group
  • For adding members to the group, the admin needs to save the contact numbers on their phone.
  • Previous messages are not seen by newly joined members in the group.
  • Cannot chat with the users who are not using the chat app.
  • No reminder mechanism for important events.
  • Cannot schedule messages priorly.
  • Time consumption due to manual processing of applications and forms.

Small group size: Chat applications have a certain amount of limitation to add members between 250 to 500 in a group. This causes multiple groups to be made for a single purpose. A user then has to scroll down and look for the relevant group to send a message. In large business organisations, where a broad range of employees are working, it is difficult to connect and communicate with everyone at the same time and maintain their email IDs.


Two-way communication: On an everyday basis, several messages are exchanged, which creates chances of missing important messages in bulk. For example, a teacher sends an annual meeting message in a school group, which is followed by some unwanted messages from the parents. So, somewhere that important message gets lost in the context.

User privacy: The contact numbers of the members are visible to everyone in the groups. Which causes anyone to save your contact details and message you personally.

Message Archives: Newly added members in the group cannot see and read the previous messages. The User needs to send the messages, images or videos in the group all over again. Such as, if a new employee is added to an official group, the person will not be able to see the old messages.

Schedule Message: There are no such options in the chat applications to schedule a message beforehand, that can be sent directly in the group at a decided time and date. Some schools create timetables for weekly assignments for their students, but they do not have a platform to schedule those weekly assignments prior to a week, which can be received by the parents and students at the right time of the week.

Reminder mechanism: If a user wants to give a reminder about an event to the group members, there is no reminder mechanism for the users. The meetings that happen in the organizations now and then, are notified to the employees through text messages. But it could be more professional and beneficial if the employees get a reminder about the meetings on their phones on one platform.

The manual paperwork consumes a lot of time for the people. Applicants fill manual forms that go through different levels of processing. This consumes time and becomes difficult for the applicants to track the status of their application. The NGO has to connect with related people, CEO’s, directors for the purpose of funding. For this, they create forms to keep every track of processings. But manually filling out forms and applications takes a lot of time.

Some other problems we face while using chat applications other than the Indian Local Bharat Messenger Mi Airit app are users cannot communicate with people who are not using that particular chat app. There are no options of polling and collecting opinions, thoughts, views from the group members, which engages the users to give their feedback in the group.

Users are getting used to all these situations that arrive during communication. But say no more to these situations, because the Bharat Messenger Mi Airit app has overcome all these problems, giving the users a better experience with incredible tools and features, all in one app.

Bharat Messenger Mi Airit free Indian local chat app is available for download on Google Play Store, App Store, and Web App.

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