Security and privacy

Your Privacy is our prime mission.  

The Mi Airit chat app provides the utmost security and privacy features for its users. We make sure that the app is secure and reliable to the users as your security and privacy is our primary concern. The app provides luring unique features, which make our users comfortable using the app, but vigilant users are more concerned about the security of the app. Here, your conversations along with your personal details, everything is shielded.

End-to-end encryption 

End-to-end encryption means that messages are only accessible for the two ends of the conversation. No in-between person would be able to intercept the messages. Messages you share on Mi Airit are end-to-end encrypted with 128 Bit Encryption which provides a fully secure and encrypted chat platform for all the users. 

Group Privacy Setting

When a public or private group is created, an admin can add up to 1 million members in the group and has the control to hide all contact details of the group members. As well as the Admin’s contact details are not visible to the members. In a private group, the members can only be added after the approval of the admin. The group members cannot see each other’s personal contact details so the chances of details getting leaked are minimised. Thereby, the privacy of each member is well maintained. 


Lock your chat

Secure individual chats, using a security pin with our in-app Chat Lock feature. To enable chat lock, long-press the chat you want to lock, choose ‘Lock chat’ option and set a 4 digit pin.


You can manage the notifications of the app in the settings as per your requirement by enabling different activity notifications and vice versa.

Read Receipts 

See whether a user has read your messages when the double tick turns blue. 

Last Seen

See when a user last opened the Mi Airit app. 

Learn about privacy settings on: iPhone