What are Private Groups?

What are Private Groups?

Private groups are not visible to anyone. It can only be joined via an invitation link or by scanning a QR Code after the approval of the group admin. Only members can see who’s in the group and what they post.   

Personal Engagement

The casualness of a group chat eliminates the barrier of communication faced in business profiles. It provides an opportunity to be more personal and engaging with a user in the group.

Add Selective Members

Unlike Public Group, without admin’ approval no random user can join the group and see its messages, therefore the privacy level of a private group depends on the Admin and the assigned editor.

Receive Immediate Feedback

With the help of our inbuilt Opinion polls and Mi Airit Forms get instant organised responses from the group members. You can save it and email it to print it out.

Thus, Private Groups are more cohesive and intimate due to selective members being added and its easier for the admin to maintain the balance of the group and its needs.