What is a Public Profile?

What is a Public Profile?

Public Profiles

Public Profiles help in developing customer connections and improve the overall sense of community and engagement. Public Profiles can be seen by everyone. A public profile is where information can be found about you, by others. Viewers will be able to search you and see your personal and professional information provided by you in your profile. 

Converting your profile into Public Profile will enhance the chances of discoverability and facilitates your communication with your peers. This will help people to know more about you. Accessing the feature will help you grow your business and community if any. 

A Public Profile is created when you create your account and save the profile type as ‘Public’. It contains general information about you and your business, covering everything and all that is relevant. Information you provide is always public, like your age, location, profile picture, industry, etc.

If your account is private, you can change the profile visibility to ‘Public’ by going to the ‘Edit Profile’ tab and shifting from ‘private’ to ‘public’ in Profile type option. You can do the vice-versa and can always go back to a Private profile.

Access features such as public profile and grow your business. Share the professional stories that help people to get to know more about you. Share your work with the world through the public profiles and we believe that this will help you enjoy your experience with us even more.

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